Transitions & Change

Our lives are about Transition and Change. From the moment of our conception to our last breath (and beyond?) we are in a constant state of transition and change. Be it from child to teenager, youth to adult, single to married, childless to parent, all of these changes are an opportunity to take stock of our life. Where am I, where am I going, who do I want to be?

Alan 1 March 2012 80KBMy name is Alan Maguire. I am 67 years old, retired in 2012 – which means that I now have 2 jobs instead of 1. The first is working with Entrepreneurs to help them establish and grow their own business. The second, is working with people going into retirement.

I’m a” Baby-boomer”, born in Iran in 1947, grew up in Zambia, university in Cape Town, BSc  in Industrial Psychology, married and 4 years working and hitch-hiking around Europe, back to South Africa for a “proper job” in Human Resource Management. 2 kids – daughter and son. Then mid-life crisis, pack in the job,  started a Consultancy focused on Service Excellence. Not content with that, started an Outdoor Adventure company and a Publishing company. In 2006 formed a Partnership working with young Entrepreneurs to help them establish and grow their businesses. Divorced and re-married, step-father and now a grand-father”.

As I neared retirement I became concerned about how most of the major changes in our life are not spoken about and not “celebrated”. Retirement is a biggie – yet most of the information is about the money – little is said about the psycho-emotional impact. And for many the money isn’t going to last a 25 year retirement – so what can one do to supplement a pension? We also don’t talk about the emotional pressure of starting (and growing) a business. Whether young or old, running a business is a challenge – and without support, many businesses fail. So, how could I provide some support?

Over the past 3 years I have developed 2 complementary on-line programmes …

  1. The Entrepreneur’s Journey - to support people starting and running their own business.
  2. The Elder’s Journey - to support people as they go into retirement.