Articles on Retirement

There is a belief system about retirement – that it is our opportunity to sit back and smell the roses, that it is a time of perpetual bliss, where we don't have to do anything we don't want to do. But in the background there is another belief – that [...]
There are any number of articles flying around the Web that talk about the coming crises that Baby Boomer retirement is going to bring. And crises there will be if we continue to look at retirees as redundant. (Thanks Otto von Bismarck for putting a “sell-by” date (65) on human [...]
This article addresses the Sandwich Generation – those adults with dependent children and increasingly dependent parents. If we assume that parenting starts at age 25, you as a Sandwich Parent of 30, could have a 5 year old child, 55 year old parents and 80 year old grandparents. When you [...]