Articles on Retirement

We have all experienced joining a new company, being handed the procedures manual and then being told “if you want to know how things really work around here, you need to talk to Stella or David”. Stella and David have been with the company for years, they've seen people come [...]
Yesterday you were a person of influence and power, today you are an old-age pensioner. Retirement sells us a dream of idyllic days walking sun-kissed beaches, drinking exotic cocktails at sunset. And in the background, is the fearful image of us sitting alone, staring into space, sick and waiting to [...]
In light of the Constitutional Court ruling that a Medical Aid Scheme is obliged to fund the full cost of treatment for a list of 270 Prescribed Minimum Benefits and specifically for a list of 25 chronic conditions, I thought it appropriate to consider the “double barrelled” crisis facing Medical [...]