How to Prevent Memory Loss, Alzheimer’s/Dementia, and Parkinson’s Disease

The primary cause is brain Inflammation caused by Free Radical Damage

Free radicals are highly reactive, sub-microscopic particles that bounce around inside your cells like red-hot coals, burning everything they touch. In the beginning, the damage they do is small and insignificant. But over time, if free radical activity goes unchecked, the cells’ function becomes impaired. It’s a lot like water dripping on a stone, slowly and continually chipping away at it.

The Triggers for Brain Inflammation and Free Radical Generation Include . . .

  • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Harmful ingredients in foods and beverages
  • Toxic metals in the air, water, and consumer products
  • Various sugars and sugar substitutes
  • Omega-6 fats

Parkinson’s disease is caused by brain inflammation, specifically by an intense activation of the brain’s immune cells, the “microglia.” What causes an over-activation of the microglia? Mostly,  infections, trauma, obesity, ingestion of certain harmful ingredients in processed foods, and exposure to toxic metals, pesticides and herbicides.

  • Unfortunately, it’s difficult to avoid exposure to pesticides. You can avoid spraying your home, and buy certified organic produce. Or, if buying regular produce, wash it thoroughly before eating.
  • A good way to go is to take some natural supplements as well as antioxidants to neutralize the free radicals and avoid the flavour enhancer monosodium glutamate (MSG), and the artificial sweetener Aspartame. Your safest route is to eat fresh, natural foods, rather than processed packaged foods.
  • If you use fluoridated water or toothpaste, even in small amounts, it will increase your aluminium absorption and trigger a dramatic destruction of the same brain cells we see destroyed in Alzheimer’s patients. Mercury is also highly toxic to your brain and immune system, and it’s the main ingredient in amalgam dental fillings. If you still have this type of filling, see a qualified dentist for their proper removal and replacement. And stop getting vaccines, especially flu shots, which contain mercury.
  • Cut back on sugars and fats, and high-glycemic carbohydrates, such as white bread, white rice, white potatoes, pasta, cakes, cookies, and chips and maintain regular Vitamin D and Vitamin B-12 intake
  • Omega-6 oils are widely used in cooking, baking, and salad dressings. Here are the ones to avoid: Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Canola Oil, Safflower Oil, Corn Oil, Peanut Oil. The effects of Omega-6 oils can be offset by Omega-3 oil in modern cod liver oils, Just one tablespoon of high quality cod liver oil a day, will give you a big boost in brain protection by reducing inflammation.

Exercise – but don’t over-exercise

While a complete lack of exercise can cause many health problems, numerous studies have shown that moderate exercise, such as a brisk 30-to-40-minute walk every other day, is protective against Alzheimer’s/dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases.

What’s also protective is to exercise your brain by reading, writing, memorizing facts, and participating in mental-skill games such as bridge, chess, or crossword puzzles.

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