How the Mind Works

We often equate the brain and the mind. However, the brain is a lump of cells – an extension of our physical being – neurons connected to other neurons. It is within those neurons that we detect electro-chemical impulses and we say that someone is “brain dead” when those impulses are no longer detectable.

We are aware that we can consciously control our movements and we can consciously think our thoughts, we can create pictures in our mind and we can build ideas and make plans.

However, there are bodily functions that happen without our awareness – the beating of our heart, the healing of wounds, the movement and absorption of food through the body.

And, there are other thoughts that we have. Most of the time we don’t control those thoughts – but they are thoughts that define who we are. They are thoughts of what we can and cannot do, of what we do well and what we do poorly, of what, and who, we like and dislike. They are conversations we have with ourself and they are the ideas that free our potential or close doors.

So, with apologies to all the great philosophers throughout history, click here for an insight into How the Mind Works 

And how the mind works determines how we Achieve our Results