The Entrepreneurs Journey

A Guided Programme to help you Prepare, Develop and

Run, your own income generating Enterprise.



In 1966 Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam) wrote Mathew and Son – and the prospect of working for 50 years as an unappreciated employee. With it came the dream of “being your own boss”, of “earning your own income”.

The security provided by working for a large company is no longer certain and for many the option of “doing your own thing” is very appealing; particularly in turbulent times, where changes happen overnight and you feel like a straw blown in the wind.

People decide to start a business for all sorts of reasons.

  • For many it happens out of necessity – no jobs available, being made redundant.
  • For some, it’s simple: they see a need for a new product or service and they get straight on to it.
  • Others find that something they’ve been doing as a hobby or a favour for friends grows and grows….and suddenly, they’re hiring helpers and premises to cope with the demand.
  • Some have been learning a craft or a trade and would rather work for themselves than for someone else.
  •  And with the crash of 2008 and the wobbly financial markets ever since, our retirement annuities, pension funds and life savings have taken a battering. For many people facing retirement, there is a crisis in the making – how to generate an income into old age?

However, before you rush off into starting a business, let’s take some time to establish where you are now. Starting your own business is a radical change from being a salary earning employee.

There are some basic questions you should consider. For example:

  • Do you get a thrill from taking risks, or does it terrify you?
  • Are you thrown into a panic by having to manage money, or do you like the challenge?
  • Do you like communicating with people, or are you quite shy?
  • Do you like to have structured routines in your life, or are you very adaptable?
  • Are you happy to work alone and rely on yourself when needed, or would this drive you crazy?
  • Can you do lots of jobs at once, and switch easily between them, or are you a one-job-at-a-time person?
  • Are you positive and optimistic, or do you easily become upset if things do not go to plan?

If you’ve got this far and you are still keen, there are 2 ideas that you have to deal with ….

  • There are things (many things) that you have to do.
  • And then, to make a business successful – who do you have to be?

The Entrepreneur’s Journery

An on-line programme that helps you address these 2 ideas.  It is built around 6 Modules that get you to examine your role as the leader and primary asset of your business.

Module 1 – A series of Contemplations to help you define your Intentions (Goals / Objectives) and identify your Expectations for your business. They should be the same, but more often than not, our beliefs about ourself get in the way and our Expectation is significantly less than our Intention. And it is our Expectation that determines what we really achieve.

Module 2 – Service Excellence – managing your Customer’s experience of your company.

Module 3 – Taking on Staff – there are 2 huge milestones in the life of a business – the day it gets its first customer and the day it takes on its first employee.

Module 4 – Servant Leadership – ensuring that your staff have the skills, knowledge and authority to serve your Customers.

Module 5 – Marketing, Sales and Selling – without sales you’ve got nothing.

Module 6 – Looking after Yourself. You are your business’ primary asset: you have to take care of that asset.


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