The need for a different story of retirement

Retire – the word conjures up a string of endings – and when applied to the end of one’s working life the implication is that we are no longer useful, we have nothing more to contribute, we have no more value that we can add.

  1. to withdraw or go away to a place of privacy, shelter, or seclusion.
  2. to go to bed.
  3. to give up or withdraw from an office, occupation, or career, usually because of age.
  4. to fall back or retreat, as from battle.
  5. to withdraw from view.
  6. to withdraw from circulation by taking up and paying, as bonds or bills.
  7. to withdraw (troops, ships, etc.), as from battle.
  8. to remove from an office or active service, as an army officer.
  9. to withdraw (a machine, ship, etc.) permanently from its normal service.
  10. to put out (a batter, side, etc.).

So – time for a different story – of Eldering rather than Retiring. And where do we find Elders? In the stories of Heroes. Heroes who are guided and mentored by an older, wiser, experienced person. Why have we allowed ourselves to be hidden away in retirement homes when there is such important work for us to do?

About Alan

64 years old, married-divorced-married, 2 adult children: woman and man. 1 step-son at University. Serial entrepreneur, adventurer, publisher, consultant and facilitator. Facinated by transitions, rites, changes and ceremonies. Initiating into the role of Elder, wanting to work with other Elders to assist men (and the women in their lives) through our life-changes.

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